"Custom Aluminum Work Boats"

Aluma Marine provides only the highest quality of craftsmanship in our work boats. Our rigid design will outlast even the best, while still retaining a look that will turn heads. Whether you're looking for deck boat, crew boat, or even a rib style response vessel, Aluma Marine can offer you the best of the best in custom aluminum boats.





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27' Harbor Patrol
27' Harbor Patrol

Videos included



35' Collar Boat "Long Horn"
35' collar style work boat

Video included



23' Net Boat
One of six 23' aluminum net boats

Video included



30' Collar Boat "Illini"
30' collar style work boat



38' Ski Barges "Able Supporter I II & III"
One of three 38' ski barges including custom paint job & carpentry



38' Ski Barge "Little Duke"
38' aluminum ski barge including custom paint job



38' Ski Barge "Viking"
38' aluminum ski barge



38' Ski Barge "Miss Linda"
38' aluminum ski barge



38' Ski Barge "Retriever"
38' aluminum ski barge



38' Ski Barge "Doris L"
38' aluminum ski barge



28' Deck Boat
28' aluminum deck boat



65' Inland Supply Boat "Miss Adrianna"
65' aluminum inland supply boat



28' Work Boat
28' Aluminum work boat



28' Work Boat "Osprey"
28' aluminum work boat



20' Work Boat "Panther"
20' aluminum work boat



23' Work Boat
23' aluminum work boat



36' Crew Boat
36' aluminum crew boat



36' Crew Boats "Neumin I & II"
One of two 36' aluminum crew boats



24' Work Boat "Bayou Thunder"
24' aluminum work boat



65' Catamaran "Mana'O II"
65' aluminum catamaran